Lunayas Nola of Savannah River (Nola)


Nola is a long expected dream of Laura. Ever since I asked Laura if I could use Juno as a stuf for Whisper when she is old enough, it was a dream of the both of us to keep a puppy out of that litter.
When she first visited the puppies, together with her sister Leonie, they both fell in love with little blue merle puppy that looked just like her mom Whisper.
I’m so happy for them that everything was just right and that Carolina, now Nola, has a wonderfull live together with her dad en Mylie in Germany. Hopefully she will have fun and excell in agility, just like her dad Juno. 
When everything is going as planed, Nola will be Laura her first breeding female and will be the start of her kennel. 


Registratie: MASCA
Geb.dat. : 07.03.2019
Ouders: Lazy D’s American Flying Juno (Juno) & Jems Whisper of Destiny (Whisper)
Geslacht: Teef
 Kleur: Blue merle W
Ogen:  re: blue/ li: marbled
Staart: Lang
Eigenaar: Laura Rotterdam
Co-owner: Leonie Rotterdam
Meer over Nola: 



Ogen: Vrij tot mei 2020 (door Dr. B. Schröter DOK)
MDR1: +/+/ +/-   (via Ouders)
HSF4: +/+   (via Ouders)
DM: +/+   (via Ouders)
CEA: +/+   (via Ouders)
PRA: +/+   (via Ouders)
Echo hart: 


Pedigree Nola



Sire                                                                                                            Dam







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